Destin Layne Block

Advocacy | Innovation | Sustainability


Destin Layne Block helps founders, funders and organizations create impact through innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to advocacy issues.

Ms. Block currently advises several environmental initiatives and early-stage tech ventures, and directs outreach and partnerships for the Global Oneness Project, an award-winning educational multimedia platform whose collection of stories have been featured in The New York Times, National Geographic and The Smithsonian, among others.

Ms. Block brings expertise in strategic partnership development, operations and creative marketing to each project, with a proven track record executing high visibility initiatives in sustainable food systems and food/tech, plastic innovation and education technology.

Career notes:

As a member of the Pleiades Network, Destin Block is part of a global network of women dedicated to building a more sustainable future. She has developed new models for bridging technology, industry and advocacy, been featured in numerous magazines and news outlets including Forbes, MarketWatch, Origin Magazine, and led strategic convenings for media organizations including Working Films.

In 2014, Destin co-founded Think Beyond Plastic™ Inc., the first global forum and business accelerator focused on entrepreneurial solutions that measurably reduce plastic pollution.

In 2013, Ms. Block launched a strategic consultancy to help companies, startups, ngos and investors amplify and expand their impact. That fall, Destin was featured alongside Al Gore and Alicia Keys in the October issue of Origin Magazine, “Powerful Leaders Shaping the World.” 

Prior to this, and during her 7 years at GRACE Communications Foundation and 4 year tenures with HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson and with Virgin Records, Destin worked on multiple campaigns and projects and advised hundreds of organizations whose work has reached millions of people.

As Program Director for GRACE, Destin led the Foundation’s critically acclaimed programs Sustainable TableEat Well Guide and The Meatrix, which offered the leading sustainable food resources for consumers. During this time, Destin also co-created and hosted the first high visibility food tech initiatives including Food Hackathons (Hack//Meat Silicon Valley), Innovation Dinners (Networked Food SXSW), and Funders Trainings and Webinars. She worked collaboratively with companies such as Food + Tech Connect and Applegate to explore innovation around food technology, and hosted events and online conversations which raised public awareness about critical issues in agriculture throughout the world.

Further, Destin and the creative team she managed:

Destin contributes to publications including Origin and New York Spirit, while remaining an engaged student and teacher of Kundalini yoga under Hari Kaur Khalsa. Destin actively supports traditional food networks, and enjoys advising new initiatives that explore emerging markets, global education and sustainability.


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