Destin Layne Block

Advocacy | Innovation | Sustainability

Destin Layne has spent her career developing unique partnerships and cross-sector collaborations for mission driven impact, with unique expertise and passion intersecting agriculture, technology and sustainability.

During her seven years at GRACE Communications, Destin directed the Foundation’s award winning Food Programs including Sustainable Table, Eat Well Guide and The Meatrix, and led her team to develop new communication tools which have raised public awareness about critical issues in agriculture to millions of Americans.

Destin is also known for her work on data and mapping technologies. While at GRACE Destin spoke on food systems data at the White House, co-authored Cultivating the Web: High Tech Tools for the Sustainable Food Movement, and established new systems for curating and expanding the 25,000 Eat Well Guide listings through music and media platforms, mapping tools and content exchange.

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